What's in a name?

I bet you're all thinking 'Sweaty Hugs? What kind of name is that?' and I totally understand it is an odd one but let me explain. 

I remember the first time I experienced a true sweaty hug (get your mind out the gutter), it was from this wonderful bad-ass Malcolm. Now, Malcolm is known amongst the November Project Boston group for always working out without a top on, so much so that one time I didn't even recognise him with his shirt on. So when you get a big bear hug from him hes not only topless but usually extremely sweaty from working out so hard. And this was a particularly humid Boston summer morning. I heard Malcolm shout my name and run towards me with a big grin on his face after smashing a personal best (he works harder than anyone I know). He instantly grabbed me and gave me the tightest hug and said 'I'm glad you're here'. When he let go, I looked down and there was a large sweat imprint from him on my shirt.

Now many of you may be reading this thinking 'Oh dear god, I would never want to experience a hug like that, it sounds disgusting'. Well you're wrong! For me having someone come over, tell me they are glad I'm here, ask me about my life and give me a massive hug was wonderful. I was new to November Project, new to Boston and to be honest had had a truly shitty week. It was such a happy moment and lifted my spirits so much that I didn't even care that I had someone else's sweat imprinted on my top. When writing this book I heard many heartwarming and positive stories of the ways in which free fitness had effected people's lives and it made me think about that hug, that sweaty, sweaty hug. 

So there you go that's why the book is called Sweaty Hugs.