The Sweat is Flowing

A hidden gem of a studio in Glasgow was where we got our flow on this weekend.

We love local community based fitness projects and Flow Glasgow is just that. Hidden in the West End of Glasgow you will find Flow Glasgow Studio. When we arrived we were greeted by the wonderful Philippa, the yoga teacher at Flow Glasgow. Once inside you head up to the attic of her house where her and her partner have created the most relaxing hidden gem of a space.

Sunset Feels
Philippa took us through a tough but fantastic flow session. As the studio has so much light and windows we were treated to not only a stunning rainbow but also a gorgeous sunset while we were going through the practice. It is amazing the effect that natural light can have on your meditation and concentration of a practice. The whole room was totally zen by the end of the hour session.

After the practice everyone had time to chat and discuss how they got involved with yoga. It was great to hear the stories of others. The safe space that they have created meant that everyone felt comfortable enough to open up about their lives. This brought the whole group closer together and created a support community for everyone attending.

Then we were treated to a surprise show by two of the other teachers at Flow Glasgow who teach Hip Hop and Freestyle dance. Let me tell you these guys are unreal! We were all blown away by what they could do.

Now that Flow Glasgow is all set up you can follow them on Facebook and sign up to classes there. Check them out if you are looking for something a little different and a bit of an escape from the real world.

Kathleen AndersonComment