Luminous & Sweaty

On Saturday morning the Sweaty Hugs girls beat those January blues with a wonderful morning with the lovely Amy, maybe better known as Luminous Life.

Where My Girls At?
Strong & Sassy was the name of the event and it lived up to the name. This event was a one off morning for women who wanted to feel motivated, supported and empowered. It started with time for mingling in which we got the chance to speak to all the other attendees. After a few chats a coffee to warm up we were ready to workout. Amy took us through a high-energy workout that focused on working on those all important muscles...the glutes! As you know it is the muscle every gal wants to work on. After we were sufficiently sweaty it was time for breakfast. The team agreed that even though it was a bit of a wait for breakfast it was more than worth it as breakfast provided by the delicious Groats!

How Does She Do Do It?
After we had all filled up and had time to look at all the pop-up stalls including our fav Harris Blu Sportswear it was time for a little group chat. This morning the topic was "how to keep fit & healthy whilst leading a busy life". On the panel was the delightful Mummy Jojo, who managed to juggle her own business, tow kids and a very active lifestyle. Of course Amy, of Luminous Life was on the panel and even our very own Kath from Sweaty Hugs was there to help out. The questions from the girls were amazing and ranged from finding time for the gym, managing working out with kids, nutrition and what makes you happy.

Being in a room of like-minded women who are strong and passionate about fitness was so empowering and motivating. We hope there is another String and Sassy event soon!


Kathleen AndersonComment