6 Months...How Time Flies

I often make fun of people for celebrating anniversaries that are under a year but I myself have now become one of those people. I am so excited and can’t quite believe that today marks six months since Sweaty Hugs was launched.

Time Flies
It really does not feel like 6 months have passed, it truly has flown in. Cast your mind back to 23rd February 2017, what were you doing? I bet unless it was someone’s birthday you have absolutely no idea. Well I know what I was doing, I was standing in the studio of Lululemon Edinburgh shitting myself. It was my first ever book launch event. It felt like when you have a house party and even though you know people are going to be there you have a panic that no one is going to show up. I started to think that I had really made a huge mistake as two weeks prior I had taken the risk of quitting my job to write and promote Sweaty Hugs full-time. Something which I know many people thought was a crazy move but here I was standing in my gym gear, praying that people started to show.

Luckily, people started to show and then after that event things really started to take off. Lululemon hosted us in three more of their stores – Glasgow, Manchester and London. After the success of these events we started to realize that the real way to talk to people and to get them into fitness is through smaller independent gyms, studios and trainers – real fitness communities. Through some relentless pestering we then embarked on a tour around Scotland covering almost every city in the country hosting free fitness events, allowing people to try out fitness communities within their own community. We did everything from spin to hot yoga, outdoor boot camps to warrior training.

Doing the Right Thing
With every event it wasn’t the achievements within the workouts that impressed me the most, it was the stories attendees told me. I had people who I had never met come up to me and tell me incredibly impressive and personal stories of how fitness has changed their life. I was incredibly humbled that people not only wanted to tell me their story but that they were willing to open up about extremely personal struggles that fitness has helped them overcome. Everyone I spoke to got it. Everyone I spoke to inspired me. They made me realize that I was doing the right thing. They made me want to keep going.

Now we come to August, six months on, six months wiser.

It is now the time to think about where Sweaty Hugs can go next. What can it become? What can it do for you? Where could it go next?

As you can see there is a lot to think about and a lot to develop with the brand. But the first thing we want to do is ask you. We want to know if since reading the book or attending a Sweaty Hugs event you have found a fitness community that has changed your life or even simply started attending a class that you were too nervous to before.

Let us know at sweatyhugsthebook@gmail.com

Couldn't Have Done It Without You
I also want to take this time to say a massive thank you to everyone who had helped us on this journey.

  • To every trainer, gym and studio we have collaborated with - Thank you
  • To Lululemon for letting us travel the country and spread the word - Thank You
  • To everyone who attended our events - Thank You
  • And finally to my Sweaty Hugs girls (you know who you are) - Thank you so much

And don’t forget Sweaty Hugs is still available on Amazon!

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