We Want to Get Sweaty With You

Are you a personal trainer? Do you own an independent gym/studio? Then we want to get sweaty with you!

At Sweaty Hugs our goal is to get more people involved in fitness and exercise. But we understand that not everyone is into running or bodybuilding. We also know that many people associate fitness with being lonely and bored in a large gym. We want to change those attitudes!  The key to change is helping people to find the workout, class or studio that suits them. Everyone can benefit from exercise not just physically but also mentally and socially. We know that fitness can change lives and we are looking for trainers and studios who believe this too.

Where do you come in?

We have been travelling across the country hosting fitness events and we want to do one with you. All our events are free and open to everyone which means people get the chance to try workouts or classes they may not have otherwise. So far our events have ranged from spin classes to yoga, boot-camps to resistance band training. We love all types of fitness and we want to help people find what suits them.

If you are sitting there thinking 'fuck yeah I wanna get involved' then here is what to do.

Email us and let us know what awesome type of fitness you are involved in and where you are based. From there we can get an event in the diary and get more people healthy, happy and active. Currently we are looking for event in the first two weeks of July and last two weeks of August.

We cant wait to hear from you and then get seriously sweaty.