London Calling

What a night! London you really showed us how it is done.

In the Big City
Last night the Sweaty Hugs team headed along to Richmond in London for our first event in the capital. Arriving at the store we didn’t even feel like we were in London, probably because we had to drive through what looked like some sort of wildlife sanctuary to get there. I swear there were deer walking right in front of the car, not exactly what comes to mind when you think of London. When we arrived we met the team at Lululemon, everyone was so friendly and welcoming, we already knew this was on track to be a good night.

Off to the Parke We Go
More and more people kept arriving till we had a solid crew to head over to the park where our wonderful trainer, Harry, was waiting for us. He took us through a BandForce workout where you use resistance bands in ways you would have never thought before.  Did you know you can do deadlifts and shoulder presses with resistance bands?  

In between circuits everyone was spilt into two teams where they had to battle with the band of love. This involved the teams running across the rugby pitches all holding on and trying to keep the resistance in the band. It was a true test of team work and turned into a real competition. By the final round there was some serious fighting talk going on and teams had even formed team alliances and given themselves team names. We love it when you guys really get into it. As adults we don’t get the chance to play and last night gave us that opportunity and we were all better for it. Just smiles all round, even in the losing team had smiles from ear to ear.

Lets Get a Sweaty Hug In
After we were all pretty sweaty we headed back to the store where Lululemon had set up some delicious refreshments for us all. That’s when we started our little talk all about Sweaty Hugs. Although the workouts are amazing, this is always our favorite part as we get everyone hugging and mingling. Also it’s the time that all our lovely attendees tell us their stories. It just proves to us that we are not the only ones who believe in the power of free fitness. Last night was no exception.

We just want to a say a massive thank you to everyone who came along last night, you were all awesome. Also a huge thank you Harry and BandForce for putting us through our paces and making us realize that we can do fitness on the go with resistance bands. I for sure will be investing in one for the next long trip I have for a wee hotel room workout. And last but not least a big thank you to all the team at Lululemon Richmond, you made this a truly great event and we can’t wait to come back for another.

We have so many more events coming up this month, check them out here!