The Sweatiest We Have Ever Been

Yesterday afternoon we had the chance to join the squad at Cyclebox.

In case you haven't heard of Cyclebox it is the spin and boxing class that is taking the West End of Glasgow and Instagram by storm. I first heard about the studio from friends based in Glasgow, they told me that everyone was talking about it and dying to try it. So I followed the studio on Instagram and that's when I knew we had to join forces. Every post talked about the 'squad' and celebrated their members success. Each member of the squad looked sweaty, proud and tough! So it's fair to say I was over the moon when the Cyclebox chief and fitness guru, Mandy, responded to us with such positivity and excitement about having a Sweaty Hugs event.

When arriving for a class you might walk right past Cyclebox as it is down a small lane and from the outside almost looks like someone's garage. But once inside you are transported. It is amazing what they have done with the space. One by one I met the Cyclebox members who had come along for the workout. Everyone seemed to already be firm friends and were catching up about what's going on in their lives.  I felt like I had walked into an elite club, but one that welcomed you with open arms as everyone had a wee chat with me and was excited to a fresh face.

Then came the workout. The first half was 30 mins of spin. The tunes were blaring, the RPMs were climbing and the sweat was dripping. I honestly did not know I could sweat that much. It was amazing, the tunes were so motivating but what was even more motivating was our coach, Mandy. She was off her bike cheering us on and making us push ourselves as hard as we could. I felt at points that I could go no faster but one push from Mandy and I was spinning for my life. Looking around I was not the only one, all the squad members were heads down focusing as hard as they could, which was so motivating to watch. Those 30 minutes went so fast which meant we were moving onto the second part of the workout. I was relieved to find out that this part was outside, we all needed some fresh air as each and everyone of us was dripping in sweat. The second half focused on boxing style workouts. I channeled my inner Antony Joshua and went for it. Again this section was tough, sweaty and tiring but Mandy kept us going through the whole thing.  

After the workout was over all you could hear was panting, all of us, newbies, original members, everyone was out of breath. We had pushed ourselves, pushed each other and smashed this workout. I was totally buzzing after it. Then came my talk but it was different this time, I honestly felt like I was talking to a group of my friends and it actually became more like a big group chat that a speech. I loved it. Everyone told me their stories about finding Cyclebox and how it changed their lives. This is exactly the kind of things we want to hear. We want to hear the stories of how a fitness group, stuio or movement has changed your life. For the Cyclebox squad, each and every one of them can honestly say it has done exactly that.

Massive thank you to Mandy and the whole Cyclebox squad. We cannot wait to come back and get seriouslt seriously sweaty with you all again. Keep doing what you're doing Cyclebox, keep changing lives.