Getting Sweaty in The Club

Last night the Sweaty Hugs team took over The Club Gym for a one off free workout and things got seriously sweaty.

The Club Gym in Glasgow has been the talk of the town with its nightclub lights, protein bar and even a live DJ. When you walk in you feel like you have been transported to the healthiest nightclub in the world. The team pride themselves on having a community in the gym and knowing everyone's names. Something which we think is of the upmist importance at Sweaty Hugs. Gyms do not have to be these soleless places, they too can have communities. 

We had a fab group of girls come along to the workout, all ready to get sweaty. Louise our coach for the evening put us through out paces with a HIIT style workout. We had eight different stations; bike, push-ups, burpees, toe taps, walk outs, wall sits, split lunges & planks! Phew! At each station we had 40 seconds on. Let me tell you 40 seconds in a plank feels much longer than 40 seconds of watching RuPauls Drag Race. After the first round we were feeling it, the heat was rising. By the second round the hair was frizzing and the make-up melting. Then by the final round the room was full of panting, sweaty champions! And then just to top it off in case we weren't sweaty enough Louise got us all doing some burpees.

After the work out we all got some hugs in and I can honestly say these were the most moist hugs of any event we have done so far. So well played Club Gym, you guys are the winners so far! This event was the perfect as everyone got to know each other, cheered each other on and really became a team. And that is what it is all about.

Thank you so much to everyone at The Club Gym for making it such a fantastic event and to all the wonderful girls that came along and smashed it!