Yoga Gets Sweaty

Free fitness doesn't have to be just boot camps and running.

On Saturday 13th May we proved this when we had a Sweaty Hugs event at The Yoga Tree in Stirling. We met the Yoga Tree team at the OM Yoga Show a couple of months ago and immediately we know we had to work together. Their space was perfect for a yoga class and we had not had an event in Stirling yet. I was excited to have an event in Stirling as I went there for my undergraduate degree.

When we arrived at the studio, we walked in and immediately felt clam and relaxed. They spaces was cosy, full of light and smelt like an aromatherapy dream. Lesley-Anne was our teacher for the morning who led us through a 45 min beginners yoga class. It was a slow practice but one that everyone needed. We stretched out every muscle and worked on our breathing techniques. One of the best parts of the class was that Lesley-Anne kept us smiling through the class with her sense of humor. There were times the class were falling out of position because of fits of laughter. Sometimes we need to stop taking ourselves so seriously and laugh at ourselves. We all did that on Saturday morning and felt better for it.

Feeling a little spacey after Shavasana I spoke to the room about the message of Sweaty Hugs. As always this is my favorite part as attendees come and tell me their own stories. It makes me so happy to hear the ways fitness have changed lives. I think it proves that there is no set way to do this but with Sweaty Hugs having free events we hope to help people find the group or movement that suits them.

This was the perfect start to our weekend. We would love to do many more yoga events so if you are instructor or own a studio and want to get involved then please get in touch.