More Positive, Not Less Negative

I am currently sitting in Key West, Florida in a beautiful resort with palm trees, but it is raining! Not just raining, absolutely pouring! It is also so humid that while I am writing this my laptop screen keeps steaming up. Now I'm sure you all feel very sorry for me right now...yeah right.

When we landed in Key West yesterday it was beautifully hot but a bit cloudy. My dad (my travel companion for this trip) immediately said to the local sheriff, "what are these clouds all about? Is it not supposed to be sunny all the time here!". The sheriff responded by saying "well at least its not raining, and after a few drinks you wont notice the clouds". You know you have a arrived in a fun town when the sheriff is encouraging you to go out drinking. What this short interaction made me realize is that this is a classic example of being British. We for some reason always need to find a negative. Here me and my dad were, lucky enough to be able to come to this beautiful part of the world and yet we could still find something wrong with it. Why do we keep doing this?

I have seen this sort of thing so many times. In my last job we were all talking about New Years resolutions and my colleague said that hers was 'to be less negative'. That sentence in itself is negative!! What the hell? How had we managed to make an extremely positive objective become negative. Honestly, we are pros at this. It needs to stop and it did that day in the office and she changed her resolution to 'to be more positive'. She was already one step closer and all it took was a slight change of phrase. Being more positive doesn't have to be this major change you make in your life. Its just about stopping those negative phrases and thoughts being the ruling factor and taking a second or two to appreciate what is around you.

I think a lot of the time we don't take time to appreciate the small things. For example as I said it is currently pouring down here but I am still very grateful and happy as I am able to sit out on a balcony and write this post while having some delicious iced coffee looking at a gorgeous view. So next time that little negative cloud starts coming in, stop it! Push it aside and find some positives around you, and you will start to notice that there is always something around you to be grateful and happy about. And to be honest a lot of the time its just the little things in life.