Glasgow Crushes It!

On Tuesday we had our Glasgow Sweaty Hugs book launch at Lululemon Glasgow. It was awesome, we all got to work out under the fairy lights of Royal Exchange Square and it didn't rain!

Again lululemon had offered their store to us for the night, but this time we had an outdoor boot camp. I was worried as I sat in a coffee shop that morning and it started to snow, but we were so lucky as the evening was crisp and dry.

We had a fantastic turnout with 22 people participating in the workout, lead by the wonderful Nisha. She put us into teams and made it into a game, so much so I didn't realize how much work I had done until I could hardly walk the next day. She had is doing burpees, tuck jumps, squats, push-ups and sprints. We even had to race and compete as teams. It's amazing how a group of adults suddenly turn into five year olds when there is a potential prize or forfeit involved. Everyone worked so hard and gave it their all.

The location, Royal Exchange Square, is such an iconic spot in Glasgow with the famous statue with the cone on it's head. I think a lot of the passers by were confused as to what was going on. In Glasgow people done tend to beast a workout, instead they beast a buckfast (FYI I love Glasgow more than any city in the world). A few of the passing by jakies were a little confused by what they were witnessing.

Looking around at everyone having so much fun and getting fit at the same time, I realized that this was my dream and it had came true. We had got people who wouldn't normally work out, outside, making friends with strangers and really crushing it! It was such a great sight to see.

After we were pretty sweaty we all headed inside to the store to warm up with some herbal team and delicious treats from Coconut & Kale (if you haven't heard of them look them up, their stuff is so good!) Similar to the events before I did my speech about fitness changing lives, and again people seemed to really relate to the message and be inspired to find out what is happening in Glasgow. I think demonstrating how fun and amazing free fitness can be before really helps, and I hope to have more events in Glasgow very soon.

This night was a huge success, not only for free fitness in Scotland but for everyone involved. Thank you again to Lululemon Glasgow, Nisha and Coconut & Kale for your delicious treats.