Doing Our Om Thing

Team Sweaty Hugs assembled and took on the OM Yoga Show at the SEC. The weekend was full of fun, freebies and of course yoga.

Our dream team of four featured;

  • Kaz - events expert, CEO rep & my best friend
  • Saz - Instagram pro and retail marketer
  • Helen - sales guru and best people person
  • me - the author

Walking into the OM Yoga Show we were greeted by people from all walks of life. There were yoga teachers, health coaches, massage therapists, henna artists, famous brand ambassadors, kilted yogis and of a lot of vegans.  We were overwhelmed by the array of stands and products to try. We didn't know where to start. But we were there to work not have endless samples of our new favorite nut butter - Almighty Foods (oh my god you need to try it...heaven).

Our days went so fast talking to everyone that passed our stand and giving out a lot of hugs. One of the things the we all found overwhelming was the number of people who opened up to us about how their life has been affected by fitness. One woman told us how she had lost a significant amount of weight by starting a new type of fitness, she was happier and more confident than she had ever been. Another group told that they provide free yoga classes for care workers. Having just one hour a week to themselves allowed them to look after their loved ones more effectively. And I even spoke to a woman whos son had found November Project in Philly and it too had changed his life. We were all so happy that people understood the message of Sweaty Hugs and could relate to it so personally.

At the end of the weekend we were exhausted but so happy. We had all tried some fabulous yoga classes, one of the girls got to even try a class with the famous kilted yogi, and we had shared the message of Sweaty Hugs. We felt like we had really made a difference which is the main aim of Sweaty Hugs.

Massive thank you to OM Yoga Show for having us! Now we cant wait for the next expo in June - The Natural Exhibition. See you there.