Dundee Gets Its Sweat On

On Wednesday night we had our Dundee Sweaty Hugs book launch at Good Health and Fitness. We were lucky enough to have a gorgeous night to work out in the city quay.

Good Health and Fitness is the gym I joined earlier this year when I first moved to the east coast. They are all about community and their members consider themselves a family. The workout was led by my own personal trainer, Mike Peake. I have been training with Mike for 9 months and the improvements in my strength and confidence has been unbelievable.

Mike had set up two lines of cones with tennis balls on them. On each tennis ball was a workout such as 20 squat jumps, 10 burpee and a short run. We were in two teams and the goal was to be the first team to finish all the different workouts on all the tennis balls. It was great as we had teams of all ages, shapes and sizes yet everyone supported and encouraged one another. Not trying to show off but my team did win (not that I’m competitive or anything). Both teams worked so hard and really enjoyed being outside and using the city as our playground.

We finished the workout with group wall squats (had some serious DOMS the next day). The lovely Laura who arranges all the events at Good Health and Fitness had set up some healthy snacks and refreshments for us all. Similar to the events before I did my speech about fitness changing lives, and again people seemed to really relate to the message and be inspired to find out what is happening in Dundee. By giving all the attendees the chance to participate in some amazing free fitness in their city I think really helped to relay the message of the book. I had a lot of people after come up to me and tell me their personal stories of how fitness changed their live and gave them a community in a new city. I love it when people can relate to Sweaty Hugs and take the time to come and tell me their story.

I had such a fantastic time in Dundee and the fact that it was my very own PT that led the workout made it even better. I think we managed to inspire a lot of people last night, which means Sweaty Hugs has done its job.