Edinburgh Gets Sweaty

On Wednesday 22nd February we had our first ever book launch event, but was not your normal book launch as it involved a boot-camp first.

We had been lucky enough to be given the great space of Lululemon athletica Edinburgh who have a workout studio in store. I'm going to be honest as this was our first event I was nervous, it started at 6pm and 5:50pm I think I was ready to go home but suddenly more and more people started arriving. We had a solid crew of 17 participants. Now that may not sound like a lot to you but this was our first ever event and my first book so I was over the moon. Even better most of the people that showed up I didn't even know, what a bonus!

The boot-camp itself was an insanity workout, something I have never done before. It was intense, but in a good way. We had blocks of different exercises that lasted 30 seconds each. Now 30 seconds doesn't sound like a lot when you put it into the context of Netflix or cooking something but when it comes to burpees and planks by god it feels longer. It was awesome though, we did mountain climbers, pushups, hip-thrusts, burpees, squat jumps...you name it, we did it! By the end of the 45 mins (which passed so quickly) we were sweaty bastards! I mean dripping in sweat.

Then came time for my little speech all about the book, but seeing as we were all so sweaty and the title of the book, I made everyone get some hugs in first. It was amazing, the whole room went from looking pretty strained and exhausted to everyone having massive smiles on their faces. Just goes to show the power of a Sweaty Hug.

Talking with everyone afterwards while we tucked in to some free VitaCoco, they all seemed to get the message I'm trying to spread. Everyone was excited to know more about free fitness in Edinburgh. I took great delight in informing them that there already is a movement called Project Awesome happening on their doorstep. I also had the chance to meet the lovely Bex, who is in the early stages of a 100 day shred. She wrote a great piece all about the event. Why not take a wee read and follow her journey.

All in all It was a great and of course sweaty night. Thank you to everyone who came along and to all the girls at Lululemon athletica Edinburgh for having us. #sweatyhugsnation