Learning Curve

As said in my first blog this is never something I thought I would do and I couldn’t be more grateful to have this opportunity but my oh my there is a lot to learn. Every day I find a new challenge, new piece of admin and even a new edit. I never quite realised how much effort goes into publishing a book. 

At first all I was thinking about was actually writing the book but now that I have, everything else has hit me like a tonne of bricks, well maybe not bricks, more like a tonne lovely soft pillows as with every new thing I'm hit with the more real and the more exciting this project becomes. However, I have been lucky enough to receive such fantastic advice from great organisations and entrepreneurs in Scotland. 

Last week I had a meeting with the Cultural Enterprise Office in Glasgow, their adviser Lowri was kind enough to meet with me to discuss everything from how to promote myself, copyright and even planning for the next book. I then had an advice session with their publishing adviser Keith (nicest guy ever). Having published himself he gave me a real insiders guide to the industry that I couldn't have got anywhere else. One of the best things they both said to me was to 'plan for success'. It sounds silly but because this is an unexpected venture I haven't yet thought about this being a 'real book' but it is and I need to get into that mindset. I had a friend who recently had a presentation which she was particularly nervous about and I gave her the advice "if you don't go in with confidence how can you expect to succeed". Then I realised I wasn't taking my own advice. So from now I am taking every step of this journey in my stride and with confidence.

I also met with my previous boss and mentor Michael, who last year started his own company, The Digital Age. When I mentioned to him that I was writing a book, I couldn't have asked for a better reaction, he was just as excited and passionate about the project as I was. He was full of contacts to reach out to, events to look into and business tips. Speaking to him gave me a boost of confidence and made me see that managing this entire publishing process on my own is possible. Michael told me when I worked for him that 'whats for you wont pass you', here's hoping that having an Amazon number one best seller is for me and won't pass me. 

Over the next few weeks I have my work cut out for me as I have a long list of things to do but I have been lucky enough to have an overwhelming number of people reach out to me and offer their advice and help.  I'm learning so much from this experience but the most important lesson I have learnt is if you are trying to achieve something don't be scared to reach out to people you know or friends of friends as it will amaze you how many people want to and are willing to help you.