Why write this book?

This whole project started when I submitted my Masters thesis at Northeastern University earlier this year. Never did I think it would take me on this adventure.

The morning before I found out my grade I was at a November Project workout, other members had remembered I was handing it on the Friday and spent the morning congratulating me and giving me big hugs. Many of them of course had remembered as they had been involved in my research through interviews and surveys, as my thesis was all about November Project

Once I received my grade and chatted to my professor we realised I was on to something and he encouraged me to speak to another professor who had read my thesis and my blog about living in the states. Their excitement and encouragement made me realise that this could be a possibility, I could write a book! I know from past experience that a professor in the UK would never encourage a masters student to write a book from what they had done but in the United States I believe you all have a little more positivism behind you. I left the meeting in shock and called my dad and said "I think I'm going to write a book". 

Here we are six months later and I am almost finished what I now call 'Sweaty Hugs', it has evolved from my original thesis. It is now an amalgamation of my thesis, further interviews and my personal story of living in the United States as a Brit. It tackles everything from mental health to community building, homesickness to achieving your goals, using the November Project as a case study example. 

If joining free fitness taught me anything it was to shatter the expectations you put on yourself. Very often we put labels on ourselves and say that's what I am which means we find it hard to do otherwise but through November Project I met people who had achieved things they never thought possible and I am now one of those people. Writing a book is something I never thought I would do but life is too short not to do things while you can, so fuck it!

Keep your eyes peeled as hopefully by December you will be able to have your very own copy of Sweaty Hugs to read and you let me know if it makes you want to get up and find some free fitness and change your life.