Sweaty Hugs

Sweaty Hugs:
How Free Fitness is Changing Lives 


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What's it all about?

"It is not just about working out anymore; it is my social group, my community, and my coach all wrapped into one" 

The exciting new book Sweaty Hugs explores how free fitness is changing lives. Written by first time author Kathleen Anderson, this book explores everything from mental health to community building, homesickness to belonging. It will make you laugh, cry and inspire you to get your trainers on and find some free fitness.

The author - a Scot and fitness-phobe - first came across free fitness movements in Boston, Massachusetts. With humour and insight she examines three core benefits of engaging in free fitness - community, culture and mindset. While retelling her story of finding fitness and the difference it made to her through funny and honest blog exerts.

Sweaty Hugs uses the November Project movement as a case study. November Project is grassroots fitness movement that is taking the US by storm and doesn’t show any sign of slowing down.

This book is for anyone interested in fitness: from first-timers to athletes, PE teachers to sports scientists, coaches to personal fitness instructors. Whoever you are, after reading Sweaty Hugs you will feel inspired and motivated.

At this point you may be sitting there thinking,
‘Fitness is not for me’.
Well, I hope to prove you wrong!